Howdy.! I’ll be using this blog to share thoughts, code, and recommended practice. In case you want to get in touch, this is my LinkedIn profile. If you’re into Windows Phone and legacy SharePoint farm solutions, you can always check my old blog here.

The information in this blog is provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and confers no rights. This weblog does not represent the thoughts, intentions, plans or strategies of my employer. It is solely my opinion.

I am an advocate for digital transformation and the role of technology in driving innovation. I had the pleasure to work with various global players, exploring new digital business models, building digital revenue streams and designing large hybrid platforms using Design Thinking, Applied Innovation, Big Data and Machine Learning.

My commitment to developing solutions for people with disabilities is well recognized and includes a CLIO award winning platform to support the visually impaired. I also led design and build teams to develop platforms that drive new monetization verticals by reimagining the Sports industry digital engagement with Gen Z fans and new commercial models for electric vehicle charging.

My current position in the CTO office at Microsoft involves leading and jointly building consumer engagement models with strategic customers and partners, behavior-based telemetry analytics (engagement, growth, monetization); actionable insights; organizational cross-charging models, and data asset valuation programs. I am also responsible for driving customer-led-engineering motions with Microsoft product groups and research programs through establishing continuous digital feedback loops.

My commitment to the Developer community has been acknowledged by being awarded Microsoft’s prestigious “Most Valuable Professional” (MVP) award four times. I am a seasoned public speaker. I have delivered over five hundred hours of speaking at specialized Microsoft and global industry events and been chosen as a keynote speaker by various educational institutions.