Turn Data into Knowledge through Knowledge Mining

Around 80% of the data in businesses is estimated to be unstructured. As a result, it costs additional time and money to manage. Internally, decisions are less informed, take longer to make, work is done manually. Externally, user experience on apps can be difficult to navigate, and customers may not be able to find relevant content and products. The information has the potential to become an asset or a burden, depending on how you use it.  So we’re all faced with a similar challenge: how do we apply our information meaningfully to our products and businesses? 

Knowledge mining allows you to unlock valuable information lying latent in all your content to gain more insights and support your decision making processes. By building Knowledge Graphs, disparate silos of data containing structured and unstructured data are connected to gain insights, apply machine learning models and ultimately turn data into knowledge.

Bianca and I are back with the fourth episode of One Minute AI. This time we will discuss leveraging your data asset through Knowledge Mining. Don’t forget to check out the PointDrive here: https://lnkd.in/gdZ4HhZ

Episode 4: Knowledge Mining

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